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Self introduction
I am Tassapat, but everyone call me Kay. I work with Gustan Cho. I was his client before, and he gave me the opportunity to be a part of his team as a loan originator. He trained me from scratch and cheered me up when I gave up. All of my clients are different from one another, not even one of them is easy. All about this business is learning learning and learning. I learned something from each customer's scenario.

It is an amazing, tough, challenging, and fun business. Everything is "possible" in this business, and sometime I thought this job is similar to FBI or CIA 's job description. As a loan originator, I have tried my best to get the loan approved because we work on people hope and expectation. Gus always shows me there must be a way to make it possible on every deal.

Mortgage originating business involves with many many parties; buyers, sellers, listing agents, buyer agents, title companies, lenders, appraisers, etc. I feel like I play jigsaw puzzles. Problems can come from any parties.

However, the more experiences the less problems. I always tell myself " think positive, and everything is possible"....

Tassapat is a natural in the mortgage loan origination business. I have never met such a harder worker than Tassapat Srikpetcharakool. She tries so hard for her clients and is available for them 7 days per week. Tassapat is a fast learner and we go over case scenarios on a daily basis. Kay is a natural leader who is not afraid in taking on any challenges. I am proud to have Kay as an associate but also as a lifelong friend.

You can visit Tassapat Sripetcharakool at http://www.tassapat.com.

I am predicting that Tassapat Sripetcharakool will be the top producing licensed mortgage loan originator for Neighborhood Loans in the next 12 months.  I have so much confidence in Tassapat Sripetcharakool.  Tassapat impresses me every single day.  She just got her state and federal NMLS licenses in the past three months but Tassapat has the experience equivalent of a veteran mortgage loan originator.  I met Tassapat Sripetcharakool last year when she needed a mortgage loan.  Tassapat's true aggressiveness and talents was first revealed on our first conversation.  Tassapat was told by numerous mortgage loan originators that she could not qualify for a mortgage loan and that she needed to wait.  A denial was not an option and she kept on doing research and finally found me from one of a blog post I published on my website.  Long story short, we closed her loan with style, became the best of friends, and now Tassapat Sripetcharakool is my partner with Neighborhood Loans and are originating mortgage loans together.  I am honored and proud to have Tassapat Sripetcharakool as my colleague and friend.  Tassapat Sripetcharakool can be contacted at http://www.tassapat.com .

Here is an welcome aboard article I wrote for Tassapat Sripetcharakool:



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