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Ed Martinez: Sarasota Realtor from Keller Williams
I had two recent transactions with Sarasota Realtor Ed Martinez. The two recent transactions were tougher deals than I normally take on. The first file was a client of Ed Martinez who wanted to purchase a smaller home that was listed for $100,000. The home buyer had excellent credit however, the employer he worked for full time paid him part check and part cash so the cash part could not be calculated as income. Mr. Ed Martinez, of Ed Martinez and Associates and the head of Keller Williams on the Water in Sarasota, Florida, was not just the home buyer's realtor but a guidance counselor, mortgage loan originator, and friend. The home buyer was a very young man, first time home buyer who was clueless on how to go about buying a home and getting a mortgage. From what I understand, the young man went to a local mortgage broker and the mortgage broker has been working on his home loan for the past two months. Mr. Ed Martinez then took the leadership role and started dialing mortgage brokers and mortgage lenders throughout the country. This is when I made contact with Mr. Ed Martinez. Ed Martinez explained to me the situation his home buyer was having. After hearing the case scenario from Mr. Martinez, I knew it was going to be a tough file but doable. Again, let me repeat to you that it was only a $100,000 purchase price. Very little deal for both of us. However, Mr. Ed Martinez took action and cared for this home buyer like he was a multi million dollar home buyer.

Long story short, this file was a night mare waiting to happen from day one. The home buyer completed and signed the mortgage application and the docs. We submitted this loan as a conventional loan to avoid the higher FHA mortgage insurance premium. Unfortunately, after getting a verification of employment and the home buyer's 4506T IRS income verification from the IRS, the home buyer only made a fraction of what he stated on his mortgage application and pay check stubs. Back to the drawing board. We needed to take this file FHA so we can add a non-occupant co-borrower. We finally got a non-occupant co-borrower. We then ordered the appraisal and got the appraisal back which came with a bunch of conditions that the property needed repairs. The sellers would not do the repairs. Mr. Ed Martinez asked for a meeting with the sellers agent and the seller as well as the home buyer and quarterbacked the deal where they all agreed that the seller will give access to the home buyer to do the repairs that was needed to pass the home appraisal and that the home buyer will pay for the labor and materials associated with the repairs. The appraisal was re-ordered and the appraiser came out to re-inspect the property. Another major hiccup on this deal. After the appraiser has appraised the property, the appraiser ended getting hospitalized due to his illness. We waited for over two weeks until the appraiser could get out of the hospital but unfortunately, the appraiser ended up dying. The appraisal issue became a big problem. We needed to re-order the appraisal with a different appraiser. A different appraiser came out but had issues with the second appraisal. The appraisal did not come out to value. Mr. Ed Martinez had to help the sellers agent with getting comparables together to do an appraisal rebuttal. Still no go. The appraiser would not budge on the deal. Mr. Ed Martinez had to get the whole gang back together and get the deal back to the drawing table to renegotiate on how we can make the deal work. Very long story short, Mr. Ed Martinez got all parties to agree on a compromise. There were more issues after this but again, Mr. Martinez had the team all under control. We ended up closing the loan finally. I can go on with the next case scenario but the point is that without Mr. Ed Martinez, this deal and my other deal could not have closed. The actions and the leadership role Mr. Ed Martinez took is something that do not teach at Real Estate school. It is a combination of life experience and leadership skills where for a deal to work and closed, everybody needs to be on the same page and work as a team. You need a leader who needs to keep everyone involved in control and not panic. Just like a football coach or head of a major company. Mr. Ed Martinez of Keller Williams on the Water in Sarasota, Florida is a gentleman and a scholar who I am proud to say I have done business with him and whom I truly respect and admire the way he represents his clients, small client or large home buyers. Mr. Martinez is not one of those professionals who only take a minimum home purchase amount. Whether you are buying a $40,000 home or million dollar mansion, Mr. Edward Martinez of Ed Martinez and Associates is the realtor you need to consult.

Gustan Cho NMLS ID 873293
Neighborhood Loans, Inc.
Mortgage banker and correspondent lender
55 W. 22nd Street Suite 130
Lombard, Illinois 60148

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Ed Martinez, of Keller Williams on the Water based in Sarasota, Florida is also a condotel and non-warrantable condominium specialist. Ed Martinez specializes in condo hotel unit buyers and is extremely knowledgeable on all condo hotel complexes in and nearby the Sarasota area and the whole state of Florida. Ed Martinez is also referred to as the Condotel Whisperer because of the knowledge and contacts he has with homeowners association staff members of Condotels as well as the management of Florida Condo Hotel Projects. Ed Martinez, of Ed Martinez and Associates and Keller Williams on the Water in Sarasota, Florida is your go to Condotel realtor.

Ed Martinez does have a great reputation in Sarasota and is well liked and respected by realtors. Great write up on Ed. He sure deserves it.
Ed Martinez sounds like a great realtor and great man. Every industry has the top guns like the Ed Martinez in the world and then you have the dead beats. Ed Martinez sure seems like a great man to work with. Great story.
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Amazing article on Ed Martinez. Just amazing. Need more realtors like Ed Martinez of Keller Williams who truly care for their delegates instead of just trying to have a home under contract to earn a quick buck.
Ed Martinez never stops to amaze me on not just the expert knowledge he has on real estate but how he treats all of his real estate client. Whether you are purchasing a $50,000 home or a multi million dollar water front estate in Sarasota, you will get the same VIP treatment. One amazing individual and probably the most knowledgeable realtor in the country.

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Kudos to Ed Martinez
Ed Martinez is still the number one realtor in the Sarasota and surrounding area, hands down!!!!


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