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I like to introduce Chris LaRocco from EA LOANS. Chris LaRocco is a veteran wholesale mortgage lender who has a wealth of experience with FHA LOANS, VA LOANS, USDA, LOANS, CONVENTIONAL LOANS, and every other mortgage loan programs. Chris LaRocco is not just an ordinary wholesale account executive, but became a great friend. Every deal I present over to Chris LaRocco, Chris will tell you the way it is and whether he can do the deal or not. If he cannot do the deal, he will tell you what needs to get done before you can submit the file. Every single mortgage application I submitted to Chris LaRocco, we have closed and not just closed, but closed it on time. If there is anything Chris LaRocco is not sure of, Chris will check with his underwriting department and get you the right answer.

If you are a mortgage broker who needs a no overlay mortgage lender, Chris LaRocco is your man. Chris LaRocco is the National Wholesale Account Manager of EA LOANS. EA LOANS is an extremely aggressive wholesale mortgage lender who will just go off DU FINDINGS. YOUR DU AUTOMATED APPROVAL IS YOUR FINAL APPROVAL. Under 600 FICO credit scores are approved all day long with Chris LaRocco. EA LOANS also has a mortgage program where tax returns are not needed and will just go off two years W-2s. Another great thing about EA LOANS is that you can speak directly with the underwriter. If you need a wholesale mortgage lender who will make you look like a CHAMP to your realtors and mortgage loan borrowers, contact Chris LaRocco at 630-476-8580 or email Chris LaRocco at chris.larocco@ealoans.com.

I have asked Chris LaRocco to participate on this FORUM. Ask Chris LaRocco any case scenarios you may have here or PM him.

Here is an article that I wrote about Chris LaRocco:


Chris LaRocco, of Endeavor America is hands down the only no overlays wholesale mortgage lender in the industry. Chris LaRocco will go over any case scenario with you if you have any out of the box mortgage case scenarios. Chris LaRocco is the National Wholesale Account Manager for Endeavor America. Endeavor America, also known as EA LOANS, are also very aggressive with pricing with higher credit score mortgage loan borrowers.


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