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10% Down Payment Jumbo Mortgage
There are now 10% down payment, 90% loan to value Jumbo Mortgage Loan Programs available to qualified Jumbo Mortgage loan borrowers. To qualify, the Jumbo Mortgage loan applicant needs to have a 740 FICO credit score, have a debt to income ratio of no greater than 40%.

I recently wrote a blog article about Jumbo Mortgage with 10% down payment. Mortgage rates on 90% loan to value Jumbo Mortgages are slightly higher than the typical standard 80% loan to value Jumbo Mortgage loans. Attached is the article on Jumbo Mortgage with 10% down payment.


JUMBO MORTGAGE LENDERS have recently loosened their Jumbo Mortgage credit guidelines. You can now qualify for a Jumbo Mortgage loan with a credit score of 660 FICO. Remember that lower credit scores on conventional mortgage loans and Jumbo Mortgage Loans means higher mortgage rates. Here is a recent article I wrote and posted on my blog at http://www.gustancho.com on Jumbo Mortgage lenders loosening their Jumbo Mortgage credit lending guidelines:


Wow. Never knew 10% down payment on jumbo mortgages existed. Great to know.
This is great informative information. Smile Smile Smile
The lower down payment a home buyer puts down as their down payment on a home purchase means that the lender takes on more risk. With more risk, that means higher returns. With 10% down payment jumbo mortgage loans, it means the jumbo mortgage lender will charge a higher mortgage rate and will expect stellar credit scores. The higher down payment a jumbo mortgage loan borrower puts down means the less risk the jumbo mortgage lender has and the lower mortgage rate the jumbo mortgage lender can offer.
Using an 80%LTV first, and a 9.99%LTV second, you can get a jumbo loan with as low as a 700 credit score, too.


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